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Learn about my incredible personal astrology chart reading with Stefan from Astrology Knows.
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My Astrology Chart Reading with Universe Knows


My Astrology Chart Reading with Universe Knows

I was lucky enough to experience an astrology reading with the wonderful Stefan from Universe Knows last week.

Stefan’s feedback blew my mind. I felt instantly inspired to take action from our discussion over Skype and because of the “feels” I received I wanted to share my experience with you because what I learned of myself has been INVALUABLE.

In a nutshell, my chart shows the following:

  • Sun in Virgo (attention to detail, logical, responsible)
  • Leo Rising (passion, strong-willed, leadership, playful, kind, charming, successful performer, magnetism)
  • Moon in Scorpio (sign of transformation, rebirth, surrender, letting go)
  • Moon has a conjunction with Saturn (emotional pain and burden)

This means that I am very sensitive and vulnerable and that holding on or suppressing emotions is very detrimental to the work that I do.

This is why you’ll have seen in my stories that I am working on releasing any anger, grief, or pain that I have been holding onto.

Stefan continued to mention that I have a desire to be of service to others, which is why I LOVE connecting with people and helping them wherever I can.

In terms of my animal spirit guides, I’ll share with you what I have learnt from Stefan at Universe Knows:

The Bumblebee is my life path spirit guide. This symbolises empowerment, thoughts, words, writing and seeing purpose everywhere. This is where I need to focus my energy and the qualities I need to develop to achieve my goals.

The Praire Dog is my messenger spirit guide. This symbolises connection, communication and socialising. When I need to hear a message from the universe I should turn to someone in my community. This is how I will intuitively receive messages and insights.

Ants are the spirit guide to represent my life purpose. I am hardworking, productive, and focused on community (being of service to others). In essence, the more I share my talents and gifts, and focus on the things I am passionate about, the more guidance and messages will come through to me. I will feel in alignment with my life and goals.

Interestingly, writing comes up in almost every spiritual or astrological reading I have. I used to write almost weekly but stopped almost two years ago and have been blocked ever since due to the trauma I was exposed to.

This is where I felt overwhelmed with love when Stefan shared that this is my purpose; these are Stefans own words:

“Writing came up in this reading more than once and it aligns with your chart. You have exalted Pluto in 3rd house (the house of words, intellect and writing), and this position indicates that your words and writing are deep, insightful, powerful, and that they can evoke strong emotions and reactions in others. They have potential to heal, and help people change and transform. Your writing can touch people’s hearts.”

This feedback alone from Stefan has inspired me and set a spark inside me to start doing what I love again. It’s the universes way of telling me that sharing my gifts will help others and allow me to be of service.

Another important message Stefan shared with me is that I need to assert healthy boundaries. Right now there are big and important changes happening in my life.

This is not the first time I have received a message around boundaries. Too often I can feel depleted from giving too much to others. I’ve experienced this on numerous occasions because I love to help people, however, often when the exchange isn’t reciprocal it can drain the little energy we have left.

Stefan advised that when I am working on deepening my spirituality and intuition that it is important to stay grounded. This is a reminder that I am a human having a spiritual experience – there is no one or the other 🙂

I cannot thank Stefan enough. He is such a kind-hearted soul and I’ll be sharing more about Stefan’s work later this week.

If you’d like to learn more, Stefan offers the following astrology readings:

1) General Astrology Reading (Natal Chart):
General reading which gives an explanation and understanding of all potentials and possibilities in your birth chart about different areas and aspects of your life (psychological profile, finances, family relationships, romantic relationships, marriage, health, profession and career, lessons you are meant to learn in this life, etc).

2) Energy Psychology Session:
This session is scheduled when clients want to work on some specific issue they are facing in their lives. During these sessions, Stefan often conducts emotional healing work and changes the negative and detrimental thoughts and beliefs you may be struggling with.

3) Special Purpose Reading
A reading that focuses primarily on discovering someone’s life purpose. In this reading, Stefan analyzes his client’s talent chart (which gives insights about gifts and talents we chose to have in this life, and they are always related to our purpose).

He also analyzes their birth chart (especially things related to the topic of purpose). Stefan answers any questions that help his clients understand where they are in terms of living their purpose.

If you’d like to contact Stefan for a reading, pop over to his page Universe Knows on Instagram.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to drop me a message.

I would love to answer any questions you have.

Kylie x


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