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How To Select Which Crystal Is Best For You

When I first began delving into my (now) obsession with crystals, I would research the meanings and try to find which crystal I needed in my life, at that particular time.

The hardest part? Was trying to remember the metaphysical meaning for each crystal.

What did I do?

I purchased several crystal books. I figured that this was the easiest way to find out what I needed to know. The unfortunate part was that a number crystal meanings were contradictory; those particular crystals were associated with different meanings.

I felt perplexed.

It was as though I needed someone to tell grab me by the shoulders and say: “This crystal is for anxiety, you need it.” Or “I know you’re having trouble sleeping aren’t you? Try placing an amethyst cluster next to your bed and you’ll sleep like a baby.”

I wanted to understand crystals as best as I could, and I was thirsty for information.

I decided to spend my time researching different ailments from a variety of sources.

I trawled the internet, I read a number of books, and I even decided to create my own personal eBook. I included the main crystals I felt were useful, as well as a list of ailments.

The final straw was when I completed my crystal healing diploma. The more I learnt, the more I loved crystals and everything they represented.

I soaked up all the information… until my mind felt frazzled and I still couldn’t remember it all.

I felt disappointed with myself.
Surely selecting crystals and knowing what they were for shouldn’t be this hard?

That’s when I remembered how powerful my intuition was; it was there all along, waiting to help me.

Instead of stressing about what crystal I needed, I focused on what crystal I wanted.

I grabbed a selection of crystals, taking my time to look at each one. There would usually be at least one or two that immediately stood out to me. 

If I was purchasing them online, I would focus on the crystals I felt drawn to; taking my time to view as many pictures as possible.

I continued to go over the crystals; either looking at the images or touching the crystals – turning them over, feeling their energy, and making sure my mind was decluttered.

Then, I would ask for guidance.

I would ask my guides/angels/the universe (names don’t matter here) to show me which crystal I needed in my life.

Sometimes nothing would happen and that’s totally okay.
You don’t always need a new crystal; even when you really want one.

Other times, I would receive a clear sign.

A tingle in my palm, or up my arm… or butterflies in my stomach.

Or, I wouldn’t be able to shake the thought of a particular crystal in my mind.
It would last for days!

I’ve experienced this just recently and that’s when I knew that the crystal I was thinking of needed to be a part of my life.

Finally, once I had intuitively chosen the crystal I was drawn to, I would look up the meaning associated to it.

The interesting part? 99% of the time, the properties of the crystal I had chosen contained the healing ailments that I needed in my life at that particular moment.

Now let’s recap.
Here’s the list of what you can do to select which crystal is best for you!

1. Look at a selection of crystals.
2. Take your time to look at them all carefully, touching each one if possible.
3. See if there are a couple of crystals that stand out to you.
4. Clear your mind and ask for guidance.
5. Check for any signs that a particular crystal is the one you need.
6. Look up the meaning of the crystal you are drawn to.

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal before you use it.
Crystals store energy and you’ll want to restore your crystal back to its natural state.

Remember, crystals are created by Mother Earth and are meant to be enjoyed!
Take your time with them and be patience; the more you use them, the more they will ‘tune’ into you.

Kylie x


Hi, I’m Kylie - Crystal Curator and the face behind Polished and Raw.
Join me on my quest to discover the magic of crystals, spirituality, and conscious connections.

Learn how to cleanse your crystals with five easy methods plus understand the meaning behind our favourite crystals

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