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Arcandles Product Review

I’ve been following Louise from Arcandles for at least six months now. I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful products from Arcandles just over a week ago and I wanted to share my experience with you all.

Firstly, let’s start with the packaging. Both the candle and orgonite arrived in a calico style pouch which was branded and this added an extra touch to unboxing the product which I loved.

1. Crystal Candle
The ‘Violet Flame’ candle was my absolute favourite out of all the products. Not only did it look and smell gorgeous, I loved the fact that it had a meaning attached to it – Personal Transformation.
This particular candle was created with the following ailments in mind:

  • To assist healing emotional and physical issues
  • Improve relationships
  • Help with spiritual growth

These properties gave the candle meaning and depth and felt even more special because of it.
This ‘Violet Flame’ candle included an amethyst crystal, gold flakes and lavender. Each item added to the beauty of this product.

Arcandles are made from pure soybean wax and have a burn time of 80-hours.

The Crystal Candles retail for $58.00 AUD.

2. Mini Orgonite
Next, let’s talk about the orgonite. My two-year-old was obsessed with this! She literally ran off with it as soon as I took it out of its packaging. Safe to say this will be in her possession and displayed in her bedroom 🙂

I have been intrigued by orgonites for a while. They are man-made creations that include crystals, metals, and resin.

These beauties work to protect us from EMF radiation, negative energy, and they strengthen our body’s energy field. Each orgonite will have different properties associated with it, depending on the crystals etc that are used.

The orgonite I received was made with fluorite and is associated with the third eye chakra. Fluorite is a protective and cleansing crystal. It helps to clear negativity, stress, and connects us to Spirit. Fluorite is a great crystal to help bring order to chaos, focus, and concentration.

The Mini Cone Orgonites retail for $35.00 AUD.

3. Bath Soak
I’ve been trying to pamper myself with a little self-love and care, and Arcandles’ Romance Bath Soak was a perfect way to help me relax.

The subtle scent of rose and lavender was soothing, and the Himalayan crystal salt worked to draw toxins out of my body.

My favourite part of this bath soak was the small dried rosebuds. They added a touch of luxury, and once finished with I dried them out to reuse at a later date.

The only thing I would have personally preferred was a glass container rather than a zip-lock style pouch, but again that’s just personal preference 🙂

The Romance Bath Soak retails for $17.95 AUD.

4. Smudge Stick
There is something so gorgeous about dried flowers, and when intertwined into sage, I love them even more.

Smudge sticks are commonly used to cleanse spaces, crystals, and energy. These beautiful botanical smudge sticks are made with white sage, lavender and a selection of dried flowers.

The Botanical Smudge Stick retails for $17.95 AUD.

The verdict? 
Arcandles products are just beautiful. You can see that each item is handcrafted with love. Their candles would make fantastic gifts for loved ones.

Would I purchase from Arcandles in the future?
Most definitely.


Hi, I’m Kylie - Crystal Curator and the face behind Polished and Raw.
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